Thursday, November 5, 2020

Roses of the Heart

Seasons come, seasons go

Swelling waves from ocean’s tow

Memories slide, relationships subside

Feelings change, lifestyles rearrange

Experience ameliorates existence

Age, in tandem, finds wisdom

Opportunities awaken, regrets forsaken


A wish is not a prayer

God is the conveyor

Through the fire, refined

Bad choices, re-defined

Obstacles removed

Attitude improved

Discernment revealed

Brokenness healed


Life’s perseverating plan

Reforming memoirs again, and again

© Crackerberries Memoirs 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

50 Strands of Gray

Life is not promised, we get what we get.
Use every precious moment without regret,
Not worrying about people, and what they might think
Relationships are like a big skating rink.
Some I’ve skated by, without even a care,
Other’s I’ve challenged, and taken the dare.
Life is a lesson I’ll learn new every day,
Creating on my head, a new shade of gray.

No one is right and no one is wrong,
But because of pride, we won’t all get along,
One thing is certain, people will disagree,
It started with Eve in Eden, and that damn tree.
I’ll live my life to the fullest, and never back down
And smile every day, because it’s more fun than a frown.
I’ll live in the moment, and love friends of today
‘Cause things change quickly, like another strand of gray.

Today I celebrate the half century mark,
These last 50 years, just a stroll through the park.
Mistakes most definitely, I’ve made more than a few,
And painstaking trials, I was lucky to live through,
Regrets there are none, there’s nothing I’d change,
I am who I am, for God prearranged.
I’ll experience everything as it comes my way,
Earning rightfully each strand of gray.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ageless Love

An old memory comes to mind
A love letter left unsigned
Undisturbed and hidden in an old wooden box
Tucked down between a pair of woolen socks
Scribbled in ink on parchment paper
Begging her to join his adventurous caper

“Leave with me, we’ll take this truck,
“Never to look back, let's try our luck.”

The letter goes on confessing his love
He even calls her his sweet turtledove
Without a care for who might read
Professing his love in this vintage creed
Near the end of the letter the words start to fade
T’was concealed for decades until today
Unanswered questions of this pair overwhelm me
Did she take the truck, go away, and marry thee?
No names, no dates, just an old-fashioned confession

Love forever remains constant, in modern world progression

Monday, June 15, 2015


Summer begins
Graduation celebrations,
Family reunions and BBQ’s
Fill the month of June

Vacations, and days at the beach,
Summer camps, and fireworks,
Such a shame
When they all end too soon

How will you spend your summer retreat?
Cooling by the pool, to beat the heat.
Maybe picnics in the park are more your style,
Or visiting relatives afar, for a little while.
A cabin in the mountains, a bungalow at the lake,
What favorite pastime do you care to undertake?

Lemonade stands, and sprinkler baths
Long hikes through green wooded footpaths,
Red, white, and blue marks July 4th parades
And quarters galore for the local arcades

Body surfing an ocean wave
Leaving flowers on the kinfolk grave
Fighting mosquitoes, and brook fishing
Catching fireflies, and shooting star wishing
Fairs, and carnivals, and old home days
Simply sunbathing, on a comfortable lounge chaise

Photos snapped
Festivities saved
Treasure all those
Summer days

Such a shame
It ends too soon
But memories
Last for always

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Missing You

Time apart makes us strong
Sing the lyrics from an old love song
You’re on the road, driving truck
I’m at home, feeling stuck
People say they’ll be supportive
Without action proves abortive

Time apart makes us strong
Resonate the lyrics from an old love song
Our new adventure we commenced
Material things are now condensed
New roads, new friends, new way of life
Leaving behind the problems and strife

Time apart makes us strong
Hum the lyrics from an old love song
Those who can’t fathom it, never will
You only live once, so seek out the thrill
Deliveries to places, and parking lots we’ll dwell
On the road together, for us bodes well

Time apart makes us strong
Chant the lyrics from an old love song
It won’t be long that blue rig will appear
And we’ll embark on your new career
Life is good, and God is superb
Trust in Him, heed the proverb.

Time apart makes us strong
Croon the lyrics from an old love song.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Garden

Leather gloves tossed aside
Hard day’s work incomplete
Moistened with the nights dew
Soon to dry from sun’s heat

Garden grows to the beat
Tossing rocks, pulling weeds
Enhance the herbs to grow
Maintain the garden’s needs

Bask among the beauty
Trowel, spade, rake and hoes
Beneath a sky of blue
In the garden straight rows

Leather gloves tossed aside
Forecasting chores at hand
The work is never done
Beautifying the land

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Letter

Dear Mom:

I debated on writing this letter to you,
You never pay attention to anything I do. 
Insecure or terrible writer; it’s your choice,
I’ll never be as good as my sister’s voice.

It certainly is hard to write down a rhyme
for a mother who never devotes the time,
to read a letter I’ve written before,
I guess reading for some, is such a chore

I know you have quite an eventful life
and it’s always filled with some sort of strife. 
If I could help change it, you know that I would,
but you’re quick to point out my bad, not my good.

I know that moving many miles away,
upset some family, who thought I should stay
in a situation that never was going to be good
all my feelings were overlooked and no one understood.

Even though we talk each and every day
And try to sweep all those old heartaches away
You’re always distracted with some kind of thing
Talking with me is never all that exciting.

Some days I wish for a mommy’s hug
All warm and snuggled like a bug in a rug
I’ve tried so hard to gain your praise
And waited for approval for so many days

You love my sister more than me
I know it’s true it’s plain to see
You try to cover saying it’s not that way
That I was the strong one back in the day
I could handle things she never could
So I handled the things no one ever should
Grew up learning a false sense of trust
Ended in relationships that were nothing but lust

Something went wrong and I thought I died
Changes had come and I finally realized
I can’t blame my parents for any of my past
I pulled up ‘em up hard, my boot strings, at last.
I asked for God to help me through
To give me insight for what I misconstrue
I’m not the daughter that I used to be
And it doesn’t matter that you can’t see
You won’t even know I wrote this letter
Most likely that will work out for the better.
I’ll still do my best at everything I do
And continue to grow in my love for you.


Your daughter